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Why Buying a Log Cabin is the Answer to Your Housing Dreams

There’s more to log cabins than meets the eye. In our technology-driven lives, we might think of living in log cabins as outdated. Quite possibly, millennials may frown at the idea fearing an end to their social media existence. Chances are, you could be anxious too about owning one. You might fear you’d be thrown a hundred years backward in time in terms of human existence. But truth be told, log homes have come a long way since a young Abraham Lincoln lived in one in his youth.

Log cabins have been the traditional design in most of continental America. Quakers made full use of it since landing on the shores of North America. But it’s functionality goes far beyond nostalgia. Frankly, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. For starters, know that such an abode made from trees is perfect for winter and for summer. That’s telling you newer home designs (made of concrete and steel) may fall short when your primary concern is comfort all-year-round. And bagging one can be worth all the effort.

Perfect for Summer

Right off the bat, know that log cabins have superb insulation value. All those thick logs offer you above-average protection from the increments of the weather.

And that means when it comes to savings, you won’t have to worry about your power bill. The house itself takes care of things.

When hot weather comes in summer, you won’t need the air conditioning unit to be cranking double-time to give you suitable coolness.

The reason for this goes back to the log itself. Its natural insulation is off the charts. Meaning, logs keep the heat out during warmer months. The result? Your place stays pleasantly cool.

Small wonder why many who have found the merits of wood have made offices out of log cabins. And they’re thriving.

Some companies even chose to make it the design inspiration for their buildings, garden, offices and gyms. Structures of wood can give the “perfect temperature” during summer, as it is also a “natural insulator.”

Perfect for Winter

Even better for you, you’re pretty much covered for winter too. You won’t need the complex operation of a heating system. The timber has you covered.

Note that wood provides good thermal insulation. A well-processed timber can protect you even in the coldest months of winter. That’s because wood is a heat magnet. It accumulates warmth, distributing it evenly all throughout the house.

All the warmth is safely kept in a house made of wood. So you can warm them up quickly in the winter months. But it takes a really long time for such warmth to dissipate and cool down.

Added to this, you won’t have a problem with cold floors. Flooring made of solid wood is warm to the feet, unlike cement. You might even be attracted to cozy up in wood floorings. Add a blanket and some cushions, and you could catch some zzz’s on the floor.

All that because of thermal mass. The wood absorbs all the heat and gives it back. Imagine how a fireplace can even warm things up.

Simply put, a log house is as energy-efficient as you want it to be.


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Compared to modern homes, log cabins are as Earth-friendly as you can get. For one, building one won’t need as much energy as building a modern home. Yup, that’s true. Further, you will need far lesser energy to harvest wood compared to manufacturing cement or steel.

Worse, many modern building materials produce toxic waste. For instance, you have concrete. For every ton of concrete produced, a similar amount of carbon dioxide is produced, harming the Earth in the process.


What could be a clincher for you is the sturdiness of wood. A well-milled timber can get you a house that will last 20 to even 50 years. By today’s standard, that’s already amazing considering the lower costs in building them.

Sometimes, it’s simply out of this world. The oldest log cabin in America is still standing. It’s the Nothnagle Cabin which was built around 1638.

Doris Rink of the Rink family who maintains the historic cabin is beaming about it. She’s confident the wood cabin they’ve maintained is better than all the books in American history. That’s because books used at school were printed after the Revolutionary War. And the cabin predated that.

The Bottom Line

We could easily be looking for modern homes in our search for a quiet place to stay. But with everything a log cabin can put on the table, living in one is a great luxury. Owning one is not just a good investment; it’s adding prestige to your name.

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