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Taking Hold of the Heat Wave with Your Home Air Conditioner

Overheating might be a term used for when an engine works too hard, but it can also be used for people too. The human body can easily acclimate to the environment, but when there is intense heat, it could affect a person and could even aggravate serious health issues. People with cardiovascular and respiratory problems could experience heat stroke, dehydration and other heat-related illnesses that can be fatal.

This is especially true in Florida. Places like St. Petersburg and Largo have fairly high temperatures, and a particularly sunny day can cause problems for many residents. Many of them know that illnesses due to a heatwave are an all too real possibility, so they often check with an AC repair company to make sure their air conditioner is functioning properly.

Air Conditioner Maintenance is the Best Prevention

The easiest way to ensure your air conditioner is functioning well is to have it regularly cleaned and maintained. ACs accumulate dirt and debris, and the filter and coil are where they often collect a lot of it. When they do, they block the airflow and prevent the cold air from escaping. This often causes the air conditioner to work more and increase your energy costs.

Make sure to clean the filter and coil carefully. If the filter has not been cleaned for too long and malfunctions repeatedly, it is better to replace it with a brand new one. You should also check the drain pipe. Faulty drain pipes can cause your AC to leak water; and bad leaks could also ruin your home.

If the issue is beyond your skills, it’s best to call an expert. Things such as the replacement of refrigerants could require more than basic handyman skills, and could even cause more damage to your appliance. If your AC still has its warranty, call the company so they could resolve it for you. They could also check for leaks and other problems. Leaks and loose connections could break the AC, and if improperly repaired, could create more problems.

An Air Conditioner’s Value to Your Health

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In many cities where the summer heat can be unbearable, a house with an AC is the only way you could feel comfortable. Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina experience annual heat waves, which could often be fatal. In Florida alone, there are more than a hundred casualties.  The state recorded temperatures over 20 degrees higher than the normal 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

The AC also helps maintain your home’s temperature, reducing the humidity and dryness of the indoor air in your home. It could also improve your home’s air quality, as long as the AC is cleaned and maintained well. It could prevent allergens and microbial bacteria from entering your home, and lessen the incidences of asthma attacks and other respiratory issues.

Make sure that you have a regular cleaning schedule for your AC. If the filters are not properly cleaned, mold could develop inside your unit and affect the air quality. If the air coming out of your AC has a moldy smell, it’s a sign that the filters are due for a serious cleaning.

Your AC is an important part of your home, and it can make your house a comfortable refuge from the summer heat and the vagaries of the weather. Maintain it properly, and you are sure to have a healthy and comfortable summer.

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