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What to Do If You Have to Move On Short Notice

One of these days, you might end up in a position wherein you’re only given a few days to move to a new place either to start a new job or for some other substantial reason. A move, by itself, is already a daunting and potentially stressful task, but moving on short notice can be a whole new level of difficulty.  But don’t worry, we’ll help guide you on what to do if you only have a few days or a week at most to make a move to another city or state:

Sort Out the Essentials

There’s a certain benefit when you have to make a big move at the last minute; it’s like when your house catches on fire: you almost instantly know what you need to bring. However, it’s important that you have your priorities straight and you know the important things to bring. Of course, as much as possible, we’d want to bring everything we own to the new place (except for clutter, and old/replaceable items), but you can always just bring the bare necessities and then arrange for the rest to follow. That said, make sure that you bring all important paperwork (certificates, diplomas, tax documents, passports, work files, etc.), a set of clothes and apparels, then other valuables such as jewelry, family heirlooms, and such.

Plan Your Living Arrangements

Your most difficult challenge would be finding a place to stay at the last minute, especially if you haven’t pre-planned or picked/reserved a place to stay beforehand in the city/state of destination. If you’re moving to another city or state, it’s possible that most of the good apartments or houses are taken. As such, you’d want to use all your connections (friends, relatives, and even colleagues) to help you find a place to stay permanently or even just temporarily (while you look for a more permanent option). If not, you might have to stay at a hotel or inn, which can be a costly yet necessary temporary solution.

Settle Everything You Need To Settle

The next challenge you’d have to face is sorting out everything at your current home. If you’re renting, talk to the owner or landlord with regards to your imminent move to settle any balances or refund your advances and deposits in rent. You’d also want to talk to your utility company about cutting services, and also cancel your gym memberships. Lastly, don’t forget to tell your friends, family, co-workers, and even your family doctor about your big move.

Decide What to Do With Your Other Stuff

Now that you’ve sorted and pre-packed the essentials, and finished your living arrangements, it’s time to decide what to do with your other stuff: such as extra clothing, appliances, furniture. Whether you’d opt to have a professional packing and moving business to bring them to your new place or to rent a van and bring it yourself, there’s no question that the more items you bring along, the more it’s going to cost you. As such, you’d want to sort your stuff further to items that you really need to bring along, then items you’d want to give away or donate, and items you’ll just have to throw away. Alternatively, you can also put your stuff (apart from the essential ones you’d need to bring) in a rented storage unit so you can take care of them later once you’ve settled.

It May Take More Than One Trip

Depending on how short your timeline is, you may have to take a plane, bus, or train ride to your new place and temporarily settle down, then have a separate trip to bring along the rest of your items. It’s also possible that your timeline can allow you to hire a moving van, pack up and load your stuff, and drive to your new place. Alternatively, you can have a professional packing and moving company do the work for you while you set off to your new place. The bottom line is that you have to accept the possibility that you may not be able to bring everything you need in one go, but you will have to bring the essentials.

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Moving on short notice can be quite challenging, but with these tips in mind, it can be a little easier for you (and your family, if any). So make sure that you start planning ahead, make the necessary calls and arrangements, and get yourself ready for the big move.

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