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Home Décor: Saving Space without Compromising Beauty

All over the world, cities are undergoing extensive urbanisation in land and housing development. This is meant primarily to resolve issues regarding land division in densely populated areas. Some examples are Singapore, Macau, and Manila.

As land availability is limited, many people choose to live in small residential spaces like flats, apartments, and condominium units. However, in properties where space is somehow lacking, decorating can be an overwhelming task. Thankfully, there are multiple ways you can add décor to a small home without taking too much space. Thus, both aesthetics and function will not be compromised.

Below are some tips and tricks to help you decorate a small property:

Go easy on the colours

Bright hues give the impression of chaos, and when combined, the extreme vibrancy can make your home look crowded and overly accessorised. Contrast is an essential element in decorating, but too much will not be visually pleasing. Therefore, it’s best to keep things calm by opting for warm or cool colours and neutral shades. In addition, light colours like white and beige can also make the illusion of more space.

Be smart when selecting furniture

Furniture can indeed take up a lot of space, so it’s important to be wise in your selection. Don’t purchase pieces that are too bulky, heavy, tall or wide. It’s also helpful to get items that provide extra storage.

Spice up your nooks while simultaneously saving space through the use of sectional couches like a U-shaped or L-shaped sofa. These items can be positioned against walls and in corners. Other options are box chairs with removable covers and folding stools. As for your bedroom, choose a space-saving bed like a platform bed with drawers, slide-under bed, or Murphy bed.

The walls are your canvas

As you can’t overdo colours or add too many accessories, apply creativity to an area where you can be a bit extra — your walls. Of course, it’s vital to avoid too much brightness in colours, but you can still be expressive by utilising other elements.

Hang some large-scale artwork or some fancy rugs and textile fabrics with unusual and eye-catching designs. Domenica Tan of Home and Decor Singapore advises the use of monochrome wallpaper. There are multiple style options to explore such as geometric patterns, abstract print, textural effects, or botanical designs.

Add storage units

home shelves

Amp up your storage and save space by installing units like wall shelves or cabinets. You can also hang baskets and attach boxes on your walls for additional storage. Plant hangers are also a good way to give your indoor plants their designated location without taking ground space. Moreover, you can hang other times in walls and ceilings. Installing a screwed-on pole in a corner for your coats and jackets is a great way to forego the need to buy an extra closet.

Limited space can be an issue when decorating your home. But, by being creative and pre-planning your décor, you can successfully strike a balance between functionality and beauty.

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