Burglar entering to house trough balcony window

Thinking Like a Thief: Protecting your Home

In criminal psychology, understanding a criminal’s mind is the best way to reduce crime. While authorities use this strategy to solve mysteries and fight crime, it can also be an effective method to protect your home. After all, burglary is also considered an offence.

So, to increase your home’s protection without having to worry about things big and small, thinking like a burglar is a way to go.

Study the weakness of your home and your neighbourhood

Human error is one of the most common reasons why burglars are able to enter freely into one’s home. Sometimes a faulty garage door which can be fixed by a simple garage door spring repair here in Cairns can be that one weakness that homeowners overlooked.

A broken garage door automatically means your home is more vulnerable than others, and burglars know that. Aside from your garage door, studying various entry points in your home, not just the main entrance, but also back and side doors, as well as windows, play a crucial role for your safety.

Knowing the weakness of your home can help you identify which points to improve. Properly understanding your surroundings and your neighbourhood can also help you understand which parts of your community need some strengthening. Collectively enhancing your home security will be reflected in your community as a whole.

Right timing is crucial

Burglars do not just attack out of nowhere. They take their time to study your routine and schedule to find the right time to break-in. Timing, for them, is not just necessary, it is crucial. As a homeowner, it pays not to make it appear as though your home is always habited or manned by an individual.

Some homeowners go to the extent of putting up human silhouettes, and others simply turn on the lights or their entertainment system. Aside from timing, burglars are also very careful when it comes to sounds, so having a pet would also come in handy.

Invest in quality and durability

Spruce up your doors, windows, garage, and any entry or exit points that a burglar might use. Doubling your home locks, investing in quality and durable door frames and materials, as well as having your garage well-maintained are just some of the simple, yet effective tricks to keep unwanted visitors in your home.

Protect your online security

Burglar breaking into a house window with a crowbar

A lot of sectors have benefited from the continuous improvement in technology and has incorporated it in providing various services such as security, among others. Nowadays, your home can be secured with the help of modern technology.

The slightest of movements can be detected by a motion sensor and can set out alarms that can scare any burglar both experienced and not. However, your home security systems are as vulnerable as your home.

Therefore, it is as important to invest in software products that will protect your online security system and information. After all, along with the progress of technology came the progress of burglary tricks.

There are various ways to protect your home. Making sure that you have all your bases covered is always one of them.

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